How to contribute

Open Galactic is exactly what the name suggests: we're open sourcing our access to the galaxy. The Open Galactic project is open to people of all education and experience levels; feel free to access the repositories here and ask any questions you may have.
This is a space for education, innovation, and achievement while working alongside some of the friendliest and brightest minds of our generation. Please do your best to ensure this community remains warm and welcoming.


As part of our goals to be open, inclusive, and accessible, we want to ensure that Open Galactic is easy for people with different visual, auditory, and motor needs. If you are familiar with the needs, methods, and technologies involved in making accessible software or are looking to get involved in this aspect of Open Galactic, please feel free to start improving on the project.


Would you like to become a programmer for Open Galactic? You can contribute to the growing space industry and open access to millions of eager innovators with your experience and knowledge.
Help us hunt and solve bugs! Solving our open tickets will put you on your way to learning the ins and outs of space system software. You don't need to be experienced, just clone the repo, and you can start working on new features and bug fixes.


As much as we all complain about paperwork, proper documentation is the key to users getting the most out of Open Galactic. We value proper documentation and those who write it, providing users with the best experience with our work.

User interface design

If you're a creative soul with a flair for design or if you're just plain interested in user interaction with technology, get involved with our UI design. We want our software to be beautiful and usable, and we'd love for our users to be able to help us design and refine it. This can vary from icons and colour schemes to whole themes. We also look into user interaction with technology, especially computers to create more organic intuitive designs.

Issue reporting

Found an issue or a bug? Let us know, so we can make Open Galactic and its software better for everyone. Before reporting, ensure your program is the most up-to-date version and that a fix has not already been implemented.
Bug hunting is a crucial component of the software development process, especially for space operations. Let us know about breakages and issues within the software by creating a ticket. It's the best way to get started; you don't need to be a developer to fill out a ticket. Screenshots and notes of how you got to the bug are super helpful in this scenario.