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Welcome to OpenGalactic! By getting involved, you will be part of a global endeavour working together to democratize our access to space. OpenGalactic is administered by Saber Astronautics with the aim of allowing those interested in spaceflight to build infrastructure and tools with more speed and control, ultimately achieving spaceflight sooner.
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Scepter provides a framework for Command and Control of one to many spacecraft. Use it to build command templates, process live commands and store satellite telemetry.
Designed to be spacecraft-agnostic and to integrate with other services such as Javelin for the rest of the ground segment.
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Satellite constellation creator

Design satellite constellations in Python to help design and analyse space missions.
The Satellite Constellation Creator has the ability to generate orbital parameters based upon the required number of satellites, planes, and orbital phasing desired, to fully describe the orbits of satellites in an idealised system. These parameters can separately be converted to the format of your desired satellite propagation library for mission analysis.
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Javelin ground station

Use Javelin to run a ground station for connecting to your satellite either in orbit or in testing on your workbench.
Javelin is a set of ground station tools and utilities for allowing handling of satellite data, satellite control, ground station control, and radio components. These tools provide the capability to send GraphQL commands to a spacecraft running the KubOS operating system.
All code necessary for encoding the commands and transmitting them through a radio link are included in this repository, along with the capability to send commands directly over a network to an engineering model of the spacecraft.
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Javelin scripts

Command and Control (C&C) scripts for use with flight software and a Javelin ground station. Templates for how to design and build your own satellite commands, along with how to connect to the Javelin ground station are included.
This repository contains several example scripts which can be used with the Javelin ground station tools to operate a satellite running the KubOS operating system. The example scripts demonstrate how to send GraphQL commands, FTP commands, and delay commands. These scripts are designed to interact with the built-in KubOS services, but any additional hardware services that you build yourself can be controlled in the same manner; simply type the required GraphQL commands into a script file, and pass the file as an argument into the Javelin tools.