In order to help you get started with your open-source space tools, we've provided a number of tutorials to walk you through the setup and configuration process.
These tutorials are designed to walk you through a typical process for using the tools provided in the Open Galactic suite. Every step, from downloading the codebase and setting up the environment to more complicated use-cases such as inter-tool communication.
Use the sidebar navigation on the left to explore the various tutorials we have available, and don't forget to check back in the future as more may be added further down the road.

Scepter-Javelin tutorials

This tutorial suite covers how to set up Scepter and the Javelin ground station individually, and then extends upon this to connect the two tools together to form an engineering workbench.
This engineering workbench can be used to send pings and command/control the workbench satellite to prepare for real operations.